Therapeutic Fasting


Dear Fasting Guests,

Seminarhaus Hof Oberlethe has been leading fasting courses since 1987. Some of you have been with us since the beginning; many of you come regularly once a year to give yourselves some time out. We appreciate your faithfullness! A lot of water has gone down the river during this time, and as we all know, we can’t step into the same river twice; we have also changed with the times. So, every fasting week is different, although there are some things which always stay the same and are familiar; to come home to yourself through surrendering to what is, aliveness and heart-opening, humility and mindfullness, as well as having a loving attitude to our bodies. Qualities which gain more and more meaning for us.

For all these reasons, we are continuing to offer our diverse variations within the fasting program:


Daily fasting program

  • 8:30 am: body movement; slowly wake up and get fit with yoga, breathing exercises, and other exercises to increase circulation
  • 10:15 am: tea ceremony
  • continuing to 12:30: exercises to open the senses, to meet people, to dance, to talk about important topics in our lives; active meditations, deep breathing, guided imagery journeys, etc.
  • 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm: mixed program, setting up the tea ceremony

All body-oriented exercises are geared to de-stressing, and to deepening relaxation. The afternoons and evenings are free for sleeping, going for walks in the lovely countryside, going in the sauna, sitting in front of the fireplace, getting a massage, etc.We provide all the neccessary fasting drinks such as whey, water, lots of teas, and buttermilk.


For the actual dates please see the German Version: "Heilfasten".


Start: 10:00 am

Finish: on the last day at 12:00 midday



Online registration for therepeutic fasting - see German version.


Please don’t pay the seminar house fee by bank transfer, but on your arrival here!

(*) possible discounts on request.

All other information is on the online registration form.


For further information about our fasting courses:

Susann Megha Fischer; Tel. 0049-(0)441-2176293, email:

Martin Konermann: Tel. 0049-(0)4407-6840, Wardenburger Str 24, 26203 Wardenburg, Germany; email: