Services & Prices

  • Three extensive vegetarian menus (meat and fish dishes can be ordered separately if desired).
  • We cook with fresh vegetables and herbs, preferring seasonal and regional products. (The organic wholesaler Kornkraft is one of our main suppliers).
  • Hot drinks all day, pastries in the afternoon.
  • Covered beds, towels
  • For multi-day events, the seminar room rental is included in the daily rate.
  • Meeting room equipment:
    • Music system
    • large and small mats,
    • Meditation cushion,
    • Backjacks,
    • Blankets.
    • If required: chairs, tables, various media
  • Spacious lounges: dining room, fireplace room, conservatory with deckchairs, gallery in the Tao Hall and teahouse by the pond
  • Sauna with towels for an extra charge if required
  • Spacious park-like grounds for free use

We charge a flat rate per overnight stay, regardless of the number of nights.
It is 30,- € in a single room;
20,- € per pers. in double and triple rooms
10,- € in the group dormitory or for campers.

In addition, the following standard rates apply per person and night incl. vegetarian full board:

  • Double room bathroom on the corridor: 90 €
  • In double room incl. Bathroom: 97 €
    If a double room is not occupied by 2 persons, we charge the single room price.
  • Single room bathroom on the corridor: 110 €
  • Single room incl. Bathroom: 117 €
  • 3 room bathroom : on the corridor 85 €
  • In the 3-bed room incl. Bath: 90 €
    If a 3-bed room is not full, we charge according to actual occupancy.
  • Group dormitory partly with cabins in the Tao Hall or Lethe Hall: € 68
    (please bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and towels).

  • Seminar participants without overnight stay: € 62
  • In tent or car: € 63
  • In larger vehicles/motorhomes: € 73

The calculation starts in the afternoon and ends with lunch the next day.

Seminars that start in the morning after breakfast cost an additional € 32.

Day seminars

  • Room rental between € 130 and € 500, depending on the size of the seminar room and equipment
  • Lethehalle 840 sqm on request
  • additional € 35 per person incl. hot drinks, lunch buffet/ pastries/ fruit

For companies or other contexts with higher demands we offer extra services –
please contact us.

Special conditions are also available for large events or longer events.
Our booker discounts and simple cancellation rules on request.