Sharing the Presence e.V.


Sharing the Presence

The non-profit association Sharing the Presence organizes and finances the Celebrate Life Festival.  The association is basis for the many projects within the Sharing the Presence field around Thomas Hübl.

The association wants to take up, implement, or financially support awareness educating approaches of Thomas Hübl or dedicated people from the Sharing the Presence field. First and foremost it is about supporting people and projects that promote consciousness development and self-responsibility and contribute to solving social and ecological issues.


Thomas Hübl

Thomas HüblThomas Hübl, the initiator and host of the Celebrate Life Festival, is a modern spiritual teacher, who lives in Germany and Israel. His work encompasses the essence of traditional mystical wisdom together with scientific knowledge. Thomas Hübl has dedicated his life to exploring consciousness and supporting other people doing the same. At the same time he contributes to public dialogue, inter-exchanges with other keen thinkers and connects with other spiritual teachers in order to initiate mutual projects.

Thomas Hübl’s vision of a more conscious “we culture” is expressed in the Academy of Inner Science (AIS), which he founded in 2008.  Here he offers space for gaining experience and knowledge of practicable mysticism and it also serves as a platform for trainings, workshops, study groups and non-profit events.


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